mateus domingos / ghostglyph

I'm an artist and writer working in Leicester, UK. My work has included games, p2p networks, 3d printing, fictional alphabets, maps and filmmaking.

I'm interested in exploring narrative, place, text and language. I run a meetup for Leicester-based artists called FTP, at Phoenix.

If you'd like to support me, I now have some prints available here.

A couple of things I've been working on recently are a pdf about AI horses and an interactive exploration of machine vision through drones, photogrammetry and satellite imagery.

Last year I published a short text and board game, called Tilting, in collaboration with mathematician Hipolito Treffinger as part of MmATT at Leicester University.

I've been making print 'n' play games and interactive texts at itch, bots, thinking about the decentralised web, fiction, releasing music, 3d printing and painting walls.

CV - itch - twitter - instagram

A p2p version of this site is accessible most days and includes a p2p-only gallery: img-1 ~ img-2 ~ chat

A gemini version of this site is accessible here.